New Beginnings

Well, this weekend me and my boyfriend said goodbye to a huge part of our relationship…college football. He played his final game on Saturday and decided that it was time to start a new beginning. After the game, at dinner with his family he asked me to be his wife! Yep, I’M ENGAGED!! I really couldn’t be more excited (and freaked out) about this new beginning in our relationship and life. However, I now get to fit planning a wedding into my already crazy schedule. I keep reminding myself that it wouldn’t be my life if there weren’t 150,000 things going on! I lose one (football) and gain another (wedding planning). Now you’ll be able to read about all my crazy wedding planning stories, because just like it wouldn’t be my life without 150,000 things going on, it wouldn’t be my life without CRAZY things happening everywhere I turn!


Catching Up

Hey there busy bees! I’d be lying if I said I haven’t  been slacking when it comes to my writing, but life has been INSANE! Surprise right? Between traveling for the holidays, going back and forth to my boyfriend’s school and trying to keep up with my life in Thibodaux life has been more insane than normal. I apologize for that, but here’s a quick recap of what’s been up! I went to Dallas for Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family. I then survived keep-calm-and-study-for-final-exams-11.pngmy last full week of school, drove back to Monroe and now I’m back in Thibodaux ready to tackle my last two days of class and finals! It’s been crazy, but it’s coming along. I can’t believe this semester is finally wrapping up, I feel like I’ve been ready for it to end for long that I can’t believe it’s actually finally here! Hope everyone is ready for finals and ready to tackle these last few weeks of the semester! Good luck to everyone! I get asked a lot about advice when it comes to finals… My best advice is try not to stress, don’t pull all-nighters and make yourself a schedule!  Also, be sure to check out my next post because I have some super exciting news!! footer


I’m sure about you guys, but I’m already living in Thanksgiving Break Land. The land where I’m not in school, I refuse to do school work, family is all around and I get to be asked 150 times when I’m getting married and having children. It’s really the best. For anyone around my age in a relationship (or not) you’ve probablImage result for comebacks for family at holidays memesy heard these things at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas:

  1. When am I getting grand-babies?
  2. How are your grades looking?
  3. You better not get pregnant any time soon, you need to focus on studying?
  4. Are you ever planning on getting married?
  5. Aren’t you a little young to be in such a serious relationship?

It’s the craziest thing. One minute, everyone wants you to settle down and have babies IMMEDIATELY. The next minute everyone is freaking out about the fact that you may get married in the next three years even though five minutes ago they were looking at watches waiting for grand-babies (or great-nieces/nephews). It turns into a whirl-wind of smiling, nodding and (fake) laughing very quickly. Bottom line is, you’ll never make everyone happy. They want you to be engaged until you are, then you’re too young. They want you to have babies until you do, then they’re asking when you’re going to stop. My best advice, just smile and nod boys, smile and nod. Yes, I (kind of) stole that from the Penguins of Madagascar. Anyway, keep on truckin’, enjoy the holidays (aka downtime) and get ready for finals BECAUSE THEY’RE COMING! May the curve be ever in your favor! I’m on a roll with the movie quotes!footer

Semester Slump

It’s that time of the semester again! That time between Homecoming and Thanksgiving Break that seems to drag on for millions of years where the only thing you can think of is eternal misery. Yeah, that time. Here’s a video to express some of the struggles we all to well!

To all my busy bees out there, KEEP PUSHIN’, we’re almost done!


Dealing with a crazy weekend

Weekends are supposed to be a time to relax right…? HA, WRONG! In my crazy life, weekends are just extensions of thweddinge week except I don’t have class. This weekend was no different. I went home Thursday after classes, yes a two hour drive after six hours of class, to help my mom get ready for her wedding. Friday was spent running around like a crazy person to get all of the last minute details finished before the wedding on Saturday. Saturday was wedding day and trust me, it started bright and early. Our hair appointment was at 8 a.m. and we didn’t stop until we got in bed at 11 p.m. It was a long day, but it was a good day as well.. This morning was no different, woke up at 6 a.m. to drive to Monroe to spend my fall break with my boyfriend. Luckily, it is fall break and I intend to use it as such, A BREAK. Everyone remember to take a breathe and just remember that it’s a good life even if it’s a crazy one. We are blessed to live this crazy life!footer


Having support makes all the difference in my life. I feel like everyone has a different support system in their lives and that’s great! In my mind, whatever works for you does just that, it works. I was always the person to try and go at everything alone, only recently have I learned to trus14606438_10154026643188716_2561341434744195259_nt people, delegate and rely on people for things. It really has completely changed my life. My biggest support system is my boyfriend. I don’t really know how I was surviving my crazy life before I met him. He listens to me rant, rave and cry on a daily basis and he’s always there to listen. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m so thankful that he does. Whether your support system is your family, boyfriend/girlfriend, a professor or a good friend it doesn’t really matter. All that matter is that someone is there to pick you up when you feel like life is falling apart.footer


Okay, so college students everywhere should know what I’m taking about. It’s that week when all of your professors just so happen to put tests on the same week. Next thing you know you have a tesimage1-2t Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You’re just sitting there wondering when will you sleep…? How will you eat…?  I promise you will survive. Sleep is for the weak…just kidding, please sleep. Try your best to set aside normal meal times, take breaks and sleep. I’ve been through a few weeks like this and I’m currently about to tackle another one. Good luck everyone, may the curve be ever in your favor! See you on the other side!

Happy Homecoming

Well, it’s that time of the year again! It’s Homecoming time at college campuses across 14484912_10153985458433716_5894967868887131033_nthe country. For “normal students,” Homecoming is a week of events you may or may not go, topped off with a big tailgate and football game. For students like me, it’s a week of trying not to pull your hair out, running on two hours of sleep, and somehow trying to figure out how to balance school and running five events in four days. Oh, not to mention working all day on Saturday for the game. Trust me, I’m not complaining. I love my life and I wouldn’t have my college experience any other way. My school is my entire life and the pride I have for my University is what keeps me going. Just remember that there are people like me out there who are trying their absolute best to ensure that everyone else has a fantastic Homecoming Week! Take the time to go to the events your campus offers, tell the person in charge they’re doing a good job and try to not be so critical. It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it!footer

Let’s Take A Moment

Can we just take a minute to look at how cute these little goats are?! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I want one of these. Of course, my boyfriend has to be a buzz-kill and say “AMBER, ABSOLUTELY NOT,” but I’m still holding out hope! (HEART EYES)


Can This Semester Just End?

Is it just me or does this semester seem far worse than any other? I have been living the busy life sinbusy-beece the minute I stepped foot on my campus. That being said, this semester feels like it is dragging by. We haven’t even been in school for a month and it feels like I’ve been going for months and months. I don’t think it’s just me either, on a daily basis I hear people talking about how crazy this semester is ALREADY! Let me know if you guys feel the same way in the comments because this is crazy! God bless everyone and hopefully we all stay sane this semester! Good luck all you busy bees! footer