Having a crazy life is really just a big balancing act. Being a student and (basically) a faculty member on campus is hard and there’s no getting around that, but learning balance makes everything just a little bit easier. I take 18 class hours a semester, yeah I’m crazy I know. On top of class, I am the President of one of the largest organizations on campus, I work for housing, I am the Secretary of the RTDNA club (fancy abbreviation for a broadcast journalism club), I sit on the executive board for Residence Life Association, I am in a sorority, anbalancing-rock-1316378d am involved with multiple committees and other organizations. Clearly my schedule is pretty full. If you read my post about my planner, you may have a better understanding now of why I color-code EVERYTHING. Anyway, back to balance. It’s a hard thing to figure out, most of the time I am surrounded by people way older than me and sometimes I forget that I’m only 20 years old. I don’t enjoy going out and according to my friends I drive a “mom car,” so sometimes I tend to act way older than I am. Some people I know find balance in going out on Thursday night, getting “turnt,” and barely (or not) making it to class on Friday. That’s not for me. My balance comes from laying in bed, doing nothing or watching football, talking on the phone with my boyfriend, or reading a book. I’m different from most people my age and there’s nothing wrong with that. I have more responsibility than most people my age and that comes with the territory I choose to live my life in. In the end, if you live a busy life I hope you have some balance going on because you will lose your mind. Sometimes it is OKAY to turn off the phone, not check the e-mails, and just disconnect for awhile. It’s called balance and it will keep you sanefooter.

It’s Okay To Break Down


Today I completely lost it. I was sitting in my office, I got up from my desk, shut the door and cried for a good 10 minutes. It was one of those body shaking cries too, it was serious. After about 10 minutes I told myself it was time to get it together, I told myself that I could do this and it was j14322755_10153934404678716_1404825938488565663_nust a bad day. It was definitely a bad day. I had been in class all morning and rushing from meeting to meeting all afternoon and I was just done. I was spent, I couldn’t do anymore and it seemed like everyone needed something. I just cried, I let out all my frustration and I let myself cry. Now if you know me personally you know that I am not a crier, I hate to cry. I also know that I am not Superwoman even though I do pretend to be. I’ve realized since I came to college that crying is okay. It doesn’t make me weak, it just means I’ve been strong for too long. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and spent, cry it out. Give yourself 10-15 minutes of cry time, then pick yourself up, dust off, put on a smile and keep going. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. footer

Football is Back

thank-god-footballWell everyone, for once I am not going, going, gone. Yes, I am here to tell you that the best time of year is back and it is beautiful! In my crazy life there is nothing better than having an entire day to lay in bed and watch football. It is definitely my guilty pleasure. I can easily lay in bed and watch four games in one day and be happy as can be. The fact that football season is back has me on a whole different level of excitement. This morning I got to watch my school, an FCS athletics program, ALMOST beat an SEC team! Yes everyone, we lost by TWO POINTS! It was painful loss, but it was a great game. Not many things (other than being sick) can keep me in bed or lounging around, but football is a different story. I like to tell people I’m preparing for my future when I lay around and watch hours of football. I do want to be a sideline reporter or commentator one day so I think it’s a pretty good excuse, don’t you? People don’t usually buy that, but I’m sticking with it anyway! Everyone deserves a guilty pleasure and a good excuse to lay around all day.footer

When Planner is LIFE

planner-pictureMy name is Amber and I am a planner ADDICT! My room is pretty much always a disaster, my life is a tornado, and I’m completely out of control, BUT my planner is immaculate! Everything from paper clips to post-it notes and every color pen in the rainbow help me to keep my life semi-organized. My friends fight over which color they will be in my planner, even though they aren’t actually in there. Every organization or activity I am involved in has a specific color. I am also extremely picky about the size of the boxes on the monthly calendar, I have to be able to fit everything. Seriously y’all, if something isn’t in my planner IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN. If you are an overly committed college student like me, the best advice I can give you is to have a trusty planner! Live by it, never break it, love it and protect it with your life. footer

One of Many

As you can probably tell by the title of my blog, I wear a bunch of different hats in my life. One minute I am a student, the next I am an intern, and the next I am President of one of the largest organizations on my campus. This weekend I’m wearing my football girlfriend hat. Yes, on top of everything else I do I am in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend plays football at another University and somehow we make it work traveling back and forth. This weekend jeff game onewas his first game of the season, obviously I had to be here. Just to explain to you in further detail how ridiculous my life is, a four and a half hour drive turned into a six hour drive. Yes, because four and a half hours isn’t enough. FYI if you are trying to go through Baton Rouge any time soon, DON’T. The good news is that our team won and therefore it’s all okay in the end. Until next time…



Hello and welcome to my crazy life! I’m Amber and this is GoinWelcome post photog, Going, Gone. Whether you are an overly committed college student yourself or you’re just wondering how I keep it all together, I’m so glad you’re here. My hope is to give you guys a real glimpse into my daily life and how I (kind of) manage my hectic schedule. Here you will find my tips on managing a crazy schedule, getting involved, and some funny stories along the way as well. Again, I’m so happy you guys are here and I hope you enjoy coming on this journey with me!footer