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Being an overly committed college student doesn’t happen over night, more than likely the over-commitment started at a young age. For some it starts extremely early in life, for others, like Sydney, the over-commitment begins in high school.

Where it all began

For Sydney, being a busy-bee began in high school. She overly-committed herself to clubs, school, and the life of a pageant-girl. Clearly, she fell in love with the busy lifestyle and it has transferred with her to college.

College Life

When coming to college, Sydney knew she didn’t have a choice about being busy. It’s a part of who she is. Little did she know just how busy she would be. Sydney manages school, a multitude of extra-curricular activities, and being a Festival Queen. If just being involved wasn’t enough, she also holds Executive Board positions in almost every organization she is involved with. As with most busy people, she feels like if she isn’t moving a million miles a minute then she isn’t getting anything done at all. Though it may seem like she could be missing out on the “college experience,” she feels like being busy is her college experience. She believes she is taking advantage of everything that college has to offer. “I don’t think Sydney would be able to function if she wasn’t as busy as she is,” said Sierra, HR of Ellender Hall. For some people this sounds overwhelming, but for the crazy overly-committed people out there it’s just another day.

Staying Sane

Being pulled in so many directions can be stressful at times, but Sydney is able to remember what is most important, herself. When she’s feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, she likes to workout and make some time for herself. She feels as though remembering to take time for yourself is the key to managing a busy schedule. “Sydney is barely what people would call sane, but she is always fun to have around,” said Meagan, one of Sydney’s sorority sisters.

Managing a Crazy Schedule

Planners, planners, planners. Sydney keeps two planners on deck at all times. One is a paper agenda, color-coded of course, and the other is an electronic Google Calendar. Even though being busy takes away from things like extra sleep, time with her boyfriend, and skipping dinner plans with friends, she believes these things just come with the lifestyle. “If you choose to live a busy life, you choose to skip out on things,” she said. She may have to skip a few events every now and again, but she understands that these are choices she has to make and they are only helping her future.

The Future

When thinking about the future, Sydney doesn’t see herself slowing down any time soon. She plans to become a teacher and keep up her overly-committed lifestyle for as long as possible.


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